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Hi folks, today this blog will share to you a great video of Top 10 Bankai In Bleach, enjoy video below

Back when I first hit 250 subscribers I made my very first top 10, which was the top 10 bankai in Bleach. Since it was my first ever attempt at a top 10, the video wasn’t very good at all. Because of that I made it a goal for myself to make a new top 10 bankai video after Bleach came to an end, I expected that to be quite a ways away, but Bleach ended sooner then I expected. So since it’s over and all the bankai are revealed (that will get revealed) I decided it’s finally time to tackle this list once again. This will be the last top 10 bankai video I make as well, as there will never be a need for a new one.
And as of yesterday, we now have 90,000 Subscribers. I cannot believe it guys, thank you all so much! It’s honestly unbelievable that we’ve gotten this far so soon. I owe it all to you.
Hopefully you guys enjoy this video today and hopefully this list turns out decent, I spent a lot of time on this one!!
Also as soon as we hit 4000 Likes the top 10 shikai video will be in the works. So make sure to drop a big fat like!

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Hi guys, today this website love to

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